SYNIVERSAL SYNC  manages the global music and video releases to real-world and the most popular digital platforms as well as the royalty-free and sync licensing of all music of Steven Larson for audio-visual placement.



SYNIVERSAL currently licenses the music of Steven Larson for placement in commercials, films, television shows, video games, social video platforms and other multimedia productions through Rumblefish.


Our own in-house licensing store will debut in the winter of 2019 offering a one-stop licensing and download solution for royalty-free and sync licenses directly from


We will continue our licensing partnership for sync licensing with Rumblefish:

SYNIVERSAL distributes the music of Steven Larson to a wide array of music download sites such as iTunes and CD Baby and music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. 


Rumblefish, Inc.
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Portland, OR 97214
TEL: 503.248.0706
FAX: 503.248.0714